Statement of Copyright

This website, the design thereof, and all of the work, images, and text contained therein, held under copyright. © 2012–2014 Andrew M. Gallagher. All rights reserved.

Author Information

Andrew M. Gallagher
Washington, DC, USA


The type is set in Source Sans Pro, an open source typeface drawn by Paul D. Hunt for Adobe. Body text is set in 20px type in the Regular weight, with variations in size of 10px, 15px, and 40px. Additionally, many headings are set in the Black weight with generous tracking.

The accompanying serif face, used in printed materials, is Linux Libertine.


The primarily monochrome palette of #222 and #f0f0f0 is accompanied by highlight colors taken from the TfL Colour Standard, following research for the project Edward Johnston. The colors used are Hammersmith & City (#cc9999 ) and Circle (#ffcc00 ). Additionally, semi-transparent versions of the primary colors are used for rules and highlight backgrounds.

Build Tools

Built with Middleman, the static site generator, and deployed with rsync. Written mostly in eRuby with some Sass and Markdown for good measure.

On the desktop, the templates were developed in Vim and managed with Gitbox. The reference rendering is in Chrome, which best supports modern CSS typographic controls.


Hosted on the Media Temple Grid. All fonts, images, and other assets served locally. Web font services are lovely but don’t have quite the right typefaces (which support small caps).

Cover Image

The cover image of the Index is an animation based on the photographs of Eadweard Muybridge, a pioneer in the study of motion.

Source Code

The site’s source is available for inspection on GitHub, but remains fully under my copyright.